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At heart, I'm an educator. Whether I'm teaching third graders or graduate students, I passionately believe in the power of explicit, inclusive teaching that inspires and challenges students to understand themselves and their current worlds, as well as imagine new selves and new worlds. I have over ten years of experience teaching and training teachers and am continually learning how to be a more effective teacher myself. 

Teaching Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Student Reviews

Becca was a highly rated teaching fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and has experience teaching undergraduates, masters students, and doctoral students in both in-person and virtual environments.

Spring 2021 - C.R.E.A.M: Class and Culture at US Colleges and Universities (Dr. Anthony Jack, virtual)

Spring 2021 - Ethnographic Research Methods, (Dr. Roberto Gonzales, virtual)

Fall 2018 - History of American Higher Education (Dr. Julie Reuben, in-person)

Fall 2017 - Applied Data Analysis - Statistics (Dr. Joe McIntyre, in-person)

Fall 2016 - Prevention Science and Practice Practicum (Dr. Mandy Savitz-Romer, in-person)

"Becca is very knowledgeable, energetic and approachable. She is clearly engaged by the material and did a great job imparting her own knowledge on our section while also spurring good conversation and group activities." - History of Higher Education

"Becca was my section leader. She brought great energy and enthusiasm to the group and made sure everyone was engaged. I enjoyed the activities she organized and questions she posed that helped me think through the material and prep for the synthetic essays. She knew a lot about the material and was genuinely interested in what we each had to contribute." - History of Higher Education

"Very kind, down to earth, with a clear understanding of where students encountered difficulty and how to move us through it. She was the best at converting concepts into accessible language and examples. Becca was a wonderful teacher that made herself available and even helped me with outside class projects." - Statistics

"Teaching background clearly shows; great facilitator of section discussions and exercises. Created fun and supportive learning environment (with great music)!" - Statistics

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Faculty Development at Harvard

While in her PhD program, Becca has been a key contributor to two innovative faculty development initiatives at Harvard which aim to demystify excellent teaching and help instructors adopt best practices in their own classrooms.

The NextGen Initiative utilizes technology to align, consolidate, and enhance institutional support and community building pathways for all Harvard undergraduate and graduate students who are the first in their families to pursue a degree in the U.S. and/or are from underresourced or underserved backgrounds.

Harvard Graduate School of Education's Instructional Moves (IM) project helps higher education faculty incorporate and refine high-leverage teaching practices tailored to the higher education classroom context. IM brings you into the classrooms of extraordinary teachers across Harvard and breaks down their practices into clear, discrete "moves."

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