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The Freedom Project Alumni College Success Program

The Alumni College Success Program (ACSP) supports all Freedom Fellow Alumni who matriculate into college to ensure that they graduate and achieve their post-secondary goals.

The Alumni College Success Program was originally created in 2014 to support three Sunflower County Freedom Fellows as they left home and enrolled in college. Over the past six years the ACSP has grown to support over 29 alumni attending college across the country and operates at all three Freedom Project sites. The program was founded and is currently led by former Sunflower County Freedom Project Program Director Becca Bassett and supported by an invaluable team of program coordinators and volunteers, including former program participants. Through weekly check-in calls, individualized academic feedback, mental health supports, and financial assistance, the ACSP provides holistic, intensive support from orientation to graduation.

The Sunflower County Freedom Project was founded in 1994 by three former TFA teachers in Sunflower, Mississippi. It has since expanded to Meridian and Rosedale. The Freedom Projects have been recognized nationally for their local commitment to youth empowerment, racial justice, and educational opportunity (NYTimes, Hechinger Report, Mississippi Today).

To learn more about the ACSP please reach out to Becca.

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